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June is National Firework Safety Month

With July 4th being one of the biggest holidays of the year, safety is always a major concern. Between cooking out and fireworks, injuries are bound to happen if the proper safety measures are not taken.
Being able to light fireworks and watch them go off is the main excitement for children and adults alike on the Fourth of July. With these safety tips, you will be sure to enjoy your holiday without a trip to the Emergency Room ruining it.
Explain firework safety to your children; Children should be aware that fireworks are dangerous and should not be let off without an adult present
Plan ahead; Read all instructions carefully and gather supplies beforehand so that you are not making any decisions in a hurry
Store fireworks in a secure location; keep fireworks where children do not have access to them outside of the house
Designate a Do Not Enter Zone; make this a marked location where fireworks will be set off and everyone is aware to stay clear of the area
Keep flammable objects away from the Do Not Enter zone Keep propane and other flammable objects a good distance away to avoid any explosions
Follow all instructions on the fireworks packaging;
The instructions are there for your safety and the bystanders that are watching the display
Have a hose handy, as each firework is done being used, it is a good idea to hose it down with a little water to be sure it is completely extinguished
Always supervise children; Children may not fully understand all of the dangers that come with fireworks, so be sure to keep a good eye on the children present

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PCAT Patch

PCAT is excited to reveal our new company patch. We developed this to utilize in our uniform apparel.

PCAT Safety Awareness Campaign

: Safety begins with Team Work

In the early part of the last century leading into the 1920s, the United States was a very dangerous place to work. In this period, American workers were two to three times more likely to be injured or killed than their European counterparts. (Source: the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM) Each year, hundreds of workers died at work or were disabled. For example, in the 1920's there 419 mining deaths in West Virginia. By contrast, in 2000 through 2009, West Virginia suffered 15 mining deaths.

In the 1920s, researchers began examining an array of safety factors, including ergonomics, work place behavior, communication and teamwork. Through the years, improvements to each of these factors have continually improved safety. Teamwork has become an essential fundamental component of accident prevention.

According to a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, "Communication failures among team members are the leading causes of inadvertent patient harm". The study suggests "effective teamwork enhances communication which can help prevent mistakes from becoming consequential and harming patients and providers".

Although we as an industry are still on a journey to improve workplace safety, learning to promote and enhance teamwork shows great promise in enhancing safety in the EMS work environment.

PCAT Girls Softball Champions

Congratulations to the 2011 PCAT Girls Softball Division II Champions

PCAT is a proud affiliate of Community Howard Regional Health Systems. Howard Regional provides medical direction as well as Continuing Education and Audit and Review.

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